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Whether you are looking for a new program or just about to embark on a new fitness regime

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Luke Young for a FREE 30 minute consultation.


During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to meet with Luke in person and discuss your wants needs and aspirations, you will also be advised on the different packages that Luke has to offer that are aimed at not only meeting but exceeding your own expectations.


Since qualifying in 2005 with Premier International Luke has motivating his clients both on Land and at Sea with Personal Training, Express Personal Training, Group Training and Program Design.


Personal Training is offered on an individual basis and catered towards the individual. Lasting 60 minutes you will be taken through a workout which will may incorporate but not limited to a warm up, workout, cool down and stretch. During your session you will be shown correct technique and motivated along the way.


Express Personal Training you get all that you would expect for a personal training session but at half the time 30 minutes. This is great for people on the go and is a popular choice for the professional who has limited time available.


Group Training results sometimes come quicker when you have the support of a friend, family members or a loved one. Typically lasting 60 minutes the sessions are tailored towards the group with careful consideration taken for the individuals taken part. So if you have a medical condition, injury or something else and you feel may affect the training and set you apart from your friends, family or loved ones, but would still like the idea of a booking a session. Then Luke would encourage you to get in contact and advise him on your conditions before booking a session. Under Luke’s watchful eye you will be put through your paces during the session but unlike personal training you will be given a workout that’s suitable for group rather than focusing on the individual’s needs.


Program Design working with Luke together you will devise a program that you will follow over the course of 6 weeks. Before starting a program you will be put through the workout, ensuring correct technique and what’s expected and the end of the 6 weeks, you will need to book for a new program allowing for continued improvements.



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