Change begins

with a

single step!

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Change begins

with a single step!

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Losing weight is not rocket science,

Just takes hard workout and determination!

"I attended Luke's outdoor bootcamp a couple of years ago. After having my second daughter last year and putting on a ton of weight, I got back in contact with Luke to see how he could help me lose weight and get fit.


I work so much harder in the sessions with Luke than I ever would on my own at the gym.


Seeing the inches go and the lbs fall off has been amazing. Luke has motivated me beyond belief, I'm pretty focused 24/7 now, not just in the gym. It has encouraged me to be more active throughout the week and I have so much more energy for running around after my children and joining in their games, not just watching them play.


I have a lot to thank Luke for, it's amazing what you can achieve when someone really believes in you! "

The story so far 34 lbs and 29 inches to be continued ..................