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You don’t need to be a Sports Person or have an injury to

feel the benefit of a Sports Massage


As the name suggests, sports massage was originally developed for athletes and those with a passion for sports and focused on injury prevention by preparing their bodies for the big event. With some opting for having massage during as well, improving the function of the muscles thus allowing for optimum performance. Post event many would continue with treatment as it helps to aid recovery whilst improving their flexibility through manipulation of the muscles.


However in today’s World it is probably safe to say the majority of people who work sit down for long periods of time at a desk occasionally stepping out from behind it for a coffee or tea break and if their lucky enough a lunch break, before returning to their desk were they will spend the next few hours before returning home. On returning home and after general house duties washing, cleaning, and eating and at last sleeping. They will wake up with aching muscles, neck, shoulder, leg or back pain, to which they will occasionally reach to the medical cupboard for some anti-inflammatory and pain relief. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turns into months, months turns into years this pain that they once felt has become chronic.


Sound Familiar?


85% of my Sports Massage Clients are not athletes or sports people they are just normal people who lead normal lives!


With one common goal they have had an enough of living in pain and have sports massage which helps;


• Relaxes tight muscles

• De-stresses their body

• Lengthens muscles and

• Can help to improve circulation  

• Breakdowns scar tissue  

• Improves flexibility

• Helps to detoxify your body

• Discovers muscle imbalances

• Helps to reduce pain  


Sports Massage is a lot firmer than that of a typical Swedish or Spa Massage and at times it may be quite painful however you are in control at all times and if it becomes too much you say and the pressure will be applied to meet your requirements. As a result of the pressure bruising can sometimes occur, so if you bruise easy then you need to be aware of this. After the areas that were worked on maybe tender for 24-72 hours sometimes longer but after this time, then that’s when the magic starts to happen and hopefully you will not only see but feel the BENEFITS, WITH AN INCREASE IN FLEXIBILITY AND REDUCTION IN PAIN.


After the initial massage the majority of people will return on a 4 week block (packages are available) 1 massage per week for 4 weeks, WHY? Because over the years I have found having a short intense block of sessions makes the biggest impact to my clients and can help get on top of the pain you’re having. After the block has finished the rest is down to you, through regular stretching you should be able to keep on top of the pain and book in 1 treatment per month for a maintenance session.


So no matter who you are or why you are interested in Sports Massage you don’t need to be a sports person or have an injury to feel the benefit of a Sports Massage for more information please use the contact button or click here.


Please note: when contacting via email mention any medical conditions you may have or recent injuries as they may come under contraindications, meaning you will be unable to have the treatment.

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