Change begins

with a

single step!

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Change begins

with a single step!

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Well what can I say about Luke Young?  I have known Luke practically all of his life, his mum being one of my best friends. Eleven years ago Luke qualified as a Personal Trainer, although he had been interested in fitness and personal well-being a long time before then.  He is also a qualified Sports Therapist.


So onto my story.  After 22 years of living with my partner, we decided to get married.  Although it was something that I was really looking forward to, I was also very apprehensive, I was 55 years of age, (so no spring chicken), 5’2” (so short), obese, (weighing 4 stones heavier than what I should) and incredibly unfit!


Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day.  I decided that I needed to do something drastic, I joined Slimming World but found it incredibly difficult because unfortunately, I love cake, biscuits and chocolate! Not a good start.  I thought that maybe if I could do enough exercise I could still eat what I wanted, so who better to ask for training advice than Luke, who incidentally told me that I couldn’t eat cake, biscuits and chocolate if I wanted to achieve the goal I was striving for, i.e. to look beautiful in my wedding dress for my husband to be.  I started training for an hour a day, twice, sometimes three times a week with Luke, both in the gym and on his boot camps, the difference was amazing, although I didn’t really see a great deal of difference on the scales, (a loss of 1st 10lbs) the change in the shape of my body was just so noticeable, I actually dropped 2 dress sizes.  For the last 6 weeks leading up to the wedding day I got up at 5.30am (in all weathers) to meet Luke at the park for 6.00am in order to run around the outskirts of the park, as you can see I was built more for comfort than speed! I have to say there is no man alive who could have made me do that – Apart from Luke!


I felt absolutely awesome on my wedding day and although I would have liked to have been at least a stone lighter still – I have to admit the odd cake, biscuit and chocolate did still continue to cross my lips!


Thank you Luke Young for helping to make my wedding day so fantastic & for helping me to feel like a Princess for the day.

Luke Young Personal Training and Sports Therapy

Changing the lives of people since 2005!